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TTT Open House (Things That Think)
Monday Oct 20th 2-6pm

I:O Open House (Information:Organized)
Wednesday Oct 22nd 3-5pm

DL Open House (Digital Life)
Wednesday Oct 29th 2-6pm

20 Ames Street & 1 Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA 02139
Media Lab Research Groups
Descriptions available on the ML website

1 Cambridge Center
Tangible Media
Robotic Life
Synthetic Characters
Responsive Environments

E15 - Lower Level
Context-Aware Computing
Lifelong Kindergarten
Physics and Media
Joe Jacobson
Computing Culture
Affective Computing

E15 - 3rd Floor
Object-Based Media
Physical Language Workshop
Smart Cities
Future of Learning
Grassroots Invention
Speech Interfaces
Interactive Experience
Interactive Cinema
Human Design
Society of Mind
Software Agents

E15 - 4th Floor
Nanoscale Sensing
Spatial Imaging
Opera of the Future
Sociable Media
Cognitive Machines
Viral Communications
Music, Mind and Machine

Last updated October 28, 2003.