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Ryan Evans
MS Degree, '94




Ryan "Raging Bull" Evans is a quiet guy fom Kansas who more than once has made Mactintosh Common Lisp sit up and talk. Really! I personally once watched the compiler sit up and say, "I didn't know I could do that." Ryan is one half of that Lewis and Martin-like team of Evans & Halliday, who did a lot of notible IC projects such as: IC Portrait, The Endless Conversation, Elastic Boston, and Train of Thought. Ryan's major contributions to the group, other than small plastic toys, are the annotation and filter-based presentation tools LogBoy and FilterGirl. For his thesis, Ryan wrote a pretty darn solid story script for a hacker, entitled Just One Catch

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Log Boy Meets Filter Girl: A Tool Kit for Multivariant Movies.
MIT MS Thesis.

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Orchestrating Digital Micromovies.
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LogBoy: A Graphical Interface for Narrative Databases.
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