Chloe Chao, Matt Grenby, Arjan Schutte, Phillip Tiongson
Designers and Programmers

Glorianna Davenport
Research Supervisor

In the spring of 1996, Owen Youngman, Francis McCaughan, Bill Parker, and Tony Majeri of the Chicago Tribune initiated discussions with Glorianna Davenport, Ron MacNeil, and Walter Bender about a large-scale production.

In late June Interactive Cinema researchers, Arjan SchÇtte and Phillip Tiongson, and Aesthetics and Computation researchers, Chloe Chao and Matt Grenby, flew to Chicago. The MIT researchers were paired with Tribune journalists, writer Louise Kiernan, photographer Chris Walker, videographers Brad Piper and Sylvia Springer, web journalist Cornelia Grumman, and sent out on assignment to Wrigley Field and the surrounding neighborhood. The assignment suggested tension between residents and the activity surrounding Wrigley Field. On Tuesday, the teams brought their notes, photographs, video and audio and began to discuss the dimensions of the story to date.

Designed by Chloe Chao in ACG, Cluster is a discussion tool for journalists and editors to group and weight their material.

Designed by Matthew Grenby in ACG, glom communicates meaning through shape-based representation of information.

Designed by Phillip Tiongson in IC, ActiveArticle allows the user to mediate dynamic relationships between article and photograph.

Arjan SchÇtte was active in helping the Tribune team process dynamic information and interactive stories.

Tiongson P (1998).
Active Stories: infusing author's intention with content to tell a computationally expressive story
MIT MS Thesis.