An Extensible Architecture for Multiple Applications with Shareable Media
Cathy Lin, David Cheng, Pengkai Pan, James Jung-Hoon Seo, Aisling Kelliher, Glorianna Davenport

International Workshop on Networked Appliances,
November 2000.


Shareable Media is a network-based system that explores how a community of users can share stories and express ideas through a shared database of digital video clips. To adapt this to the rapidly evolving Internet, we need to design and experiment with an extensible architecture for Shareable Media, which has the capability to deploy multiple applications on wired and wireless devices through connections of both broad and narrow bandwidth.

The current architecture consists of three modules: Application Manager, Shareable Media Framework, and Storage Manager. Through the Application Manager, application designers register, test, release, and monitor their products on top of the architecture. The Shareable Media Framework provides application programming interfaces that allow user-defined applications to access data in the system. Both modules retrieve and store content through the Storage Manager.

Currently, three applications are under development for the extensible architecture: PlusShorts, Individeo, and M-Views.

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