Fun: A condition of creative research
Glorianna Davenport, Holmquist LE; Thomas M; Bjork S; Tallyn E; Oldroyd A; de Boer P; Axelsson AS; Schroeder E; Ljungberg F; Gater H; Hebert C; Persson P; Renstrom J; Stintzing L; Watson T; Olsson A; Beckestrom B; Lindblom A; Schroeder R; Simon K; Truve S; Wistrand E; Nitsche M; Binsted K; Rodatz C; Thuresson B; Walldius A; Rankin P; Rinman ML; Dormann C; Hales C; and Helander M

IEEE Multimedia, vol. 5, issue 3, pg. 10 - 15.


There's something cosmic and otherworldly about being a media storyteller and doing research at MIT, where the temporal march of progress manifests itself in daily announcements of groundbreaking discoveries and inventions. While the scientist seeks to discover order, lawfulness, and generalizations for a reasonably sized portion of the universe, the storyteller transcodes descriptive observations into unique metaphoric experiences. Ironically, technology -- the proverbial handmaiden to science -- has become the handmaiden to art as well. Our enterprises, with their different sensibilities and objects, move forward in a common research mind-set...

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