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Building 20: A Survey by Simson Garfinkel
A Memory of Jerry by Tom Winship, March 1, 1995
Norbert Wiener: From Philosophy to Mathematics to Biology by Walter Rosenblith and Jerome Wiesner
Information Theory and the Functioning of Social Systems by Jerome B. Wiesner
A Perilous Sense of Security by Jerome B. Wiesner
Arms Control Verification: The Technologies That Make It Possible, by Jerome B. Wiesner
How Roger Revelle Became Interested in Population and Development Problems by Jerome B. Wiesner
Can the University Continue to be an Important Source of Scientific Research? by Jerome B. Wiesner
MIT and the Electron by Jerome B. Wiesner
JBW Memories of Pres. Eisenhower
Council for the Arts at MIT, Mission
Council for the Arts at MIT, Constitution