Fluid Transitions

Phillip R. Tiongson

Glorianna Davenport
Research Supervisor

Often, the viewer's ability to interact with a story conflicts with the extent to which s/he becomes immersed. _fluid transition_ seeks to resolve the tension between interactivity and narrative continuity by programmatically creating diegetic transitions at run-time.

The story system stores both author's and editor's knowledge of narrative transitions. So that when a viewer interacts to affect the playout of the story, the system can generate transitions which match the current narrative context. Thus, _fluid transition_ provides immediate narrative feedback in response to the user and sustains user immersion by maintaining the illusion of continuity. _fluid transition_ extends the language of cinema into the computational environment.

Fluid Transition is implemented partially in Java and partially in Open Inventor on the SGI.

Tiongson P (1998).
Active Stories: infusing author's intention with content to tell a computationally expressive story
MIT MS Thesis.