Lee Morgenroth
Writer and Director

Richard Lachman
Implementation and Development

Glorianna Davenport
Research Supervisor

In most interactive titles, the interaction is limited to navigation through an information space. The idea of this piece is to encourage several audience members to adopt a style of thinking for the story framework, downplaying navigation and encouraging communication and cooperation among widely dispersed participants.

A fictional scenario of utmost importance to "hackers" and computer-network "lurkers" at a certain unnamed institution of higher learning.

A real-time implementation played out over the World Wide Web. The primary mode of interaction is exchange of E-mail among live players and fictional characters; video clips and robotically-dispensed e-mail messages from fictional characters are periodically posted to insure that all players are served through the asynchronous interaction. Story playout takes 5 days; along the way, there are several sub-problems to be solved before the mystery can be concluded.

Lurker was limited by slow video transmission speed across the WWW.

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