MIT Athletics

Sebastien Morel, Bruce Po, Jenny Sappington, Anshu Sinha, Belle Wang, Jeanne Yu
Research Team

Candace Royer
Creative Inspiration

Glorianna Davenport
Research Supervisor

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has one of the most diverse athletics programs amongst universities nationwide -- with 23 varsity sports, more than 35 club, 16 intramural, and multiple recreational. As part of a high performance techinical environment, MIT athletics is an integral element of student and community life.

This project was originally made to present to the bi-annual MIT Athletics Visiting Committee which offers input into the direction of athletics at MIT. Since then, it has expanded to be used to attract incoming freshmen and interest the general community. This site is a work in progress.

The "MIT Athletics" project uses the Dexter continuity engine by Michael Murtaugh. This work is delivered using two principle channels: the World Wide Web and a CD-ROM.

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