New Orleans, 1983-1987:
A City In Transition

Glorianna Davenport, Richard Leacock, Brian Bradley et al.
Research Team

This interactive documentary provides a case study of urban change before, during, and after the 1984 Louisiana World Expoisition in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 1986-87, a unix-based system, allowed the audience rapid, seamless "random access" to 3 hours of video material (through 6 videodisc players) in addition to filmmaker's notes, CVs of major characters, time lines, and a large number of newspaper articles, legal summaries, and other relevant supporting documents.

Designed for students of Urban Planning, the system offered simple but usable video- and text-editing tools, which allowed students to fashion personal reports from the retrieved materials, add their own notes to the database, and blaze exploratory trails for others to follow.

The pioneer implementation ran on a UNIX workstation supported by a bank of video disc players. Key concepts were ported to the Apple Macintosh platform in 1990.

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New Orleans in Transition, 1983-1987: The Interactive Delivery of a Cinematic Case Study
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