Two Viewpoints
(a.k.a. Yellow Wallpaper)

Dave Tames
Designer and Programmer

Glorianna Davenport and V. Michael Bove
Executive Producers

Despite the fact that narration is a critical concept for the creation of most feature films, narration is rarely used as a structuring device of interactive titles. Traditionally, in mimetic narrative all sequences point to the situation of one "main" character. One interesting opportunity for "interactive" delivery lies in the story told from multiple viewpoints

Two Viewpoints is a short, short movie in which empathy can lie with either Kathryn or John.

As an experiment in structured video, the story has not been fully developed. The story is destined to run in the laboratory on prototype hardware.

The story is designed to playout on the Cheops Imaging System, a compact, modular platform for the acquisition, real-time processing, and display of digital video sequences and model-based representations of moving scenes.

Eight systems have been built and are in use at the Media Lab and at various sponsor sites.

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