Elastic Boston
(a.k.a. Boston: Renewed Vistas)

Glorianna Davenport
Research Supervisor / Executive Producer

Natalia Tsarkova, Michael Massey, Katrin Silberberg
Principal Journalists

Begun as a collaborative project by members of the 1995 "Workshop in Elastic Movie Time."

Boston's multi-billion dollar "Big Dig" project provides an ample subject for this ongoing, long-term "evolving documentary." The story, which evolves as sequences are added to the database, examines the process and progress of urban change in downtown Boston as it endures the largest public works project currently underway in the United States.

The crux of this multi-billion dollar project is the removal of the "Central Artery," -- a massive elevated highway extension built through the downtown area in the 1950's -- and its simultaneous reeplacment by a massive underground tunnel. Slated for completion in 2002, the project will add many developable acres to Boston's crowded, historically significant downtown; meanwhile, the construction process and the diversion of traffic is taking its toll on several downtown neighborhoods.

"Boston: Renewed Vistas" was created with the ConTour continuity engine by Michael Murtaugh.

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