LogBoy and FilterGirl

Ryan Evans

Mark Halliday, Scott Higgins, David Kung, Graham G. Ramsay, John Shavel, David Tames, Daniel Zentner

Glorianna Davenport
Research Supervisor

LogBoy and FilterGirl are a complementary set of annotation and story structure tools for creators of multivariant movies. These tools provide both a graphical database for creating 'sketchy' story descriptions and a layered filter editor for constructing multithreaded story structures using the annotated video data. A secondary goal of this research was to explore non-interruptive or fluid interactive modes for narrative presentation.

This research was limited in that only a single prototype was made to test the concept. FilterGirl's filtering mechanism provides no "look ahead" into the video database. This presents problems during playout when the video database is not fully populated.

Several narratives were produced using the tools LogBoy and FilterGirl. These include:

"An Endless Conversation"
"Movie Critics"
"Stairwell to Nowhere"
"Just One Catch"

The system is written in Common Lisp and runs on a Macintosh platform using QuickTime digital video.

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