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Aisling Kelliher
Ph.D. Candidate, '04




Aisling wants to tell a few tales, take a few pictures, show you the truth and make you mad.

Then she won't have to remember anything.


Shareable Media

Flights of Fantasy

Kelliher A (2001).
PlusShorts: Using Punctuation as an Iconic System for Describing and Augmenting Video Structure.
MIT Masters Thesis, May 2001.

Kelliher A; Seo JJH; Pan P; Lin C; Davenport G (2000).
Visual Interfaces for Sharable Media.
ISEA 2000 International Symposium on Electronic Art, December 2000.

Lin C; Cheng D; Pan P; Seo JJH; Kelliher A; Davenport G (2000).
An Extensible Architecture for Multiple Applications with Shareable Media.
International Workshop on Networked Appliances, November 2000.