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Brian Bradley
MS Candidate, '01



Brian aims to code character engines that emulate you. His event driven stories are immune to news in the future.

His talents have appeared in the following IC projects:


Dream Machine

Dream Machine: CINEMAT

Cinema Server

New Orleans: A City in Transition,

Elastic Charles

Radio Interference

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Davenport G; Agamanolis S; Bradley B; Sparacino F (1997).
Encounters in DreamWorld: A Work in Progress.
Presented at Consciousness Reframed, 1st International CAiiA Research Conference, University of Wales College, Newport, Wales, July 1997.

Davenport G; Bradley B (1997).
Everyone's Cinema: Toward the Future of Cinematics.
Presented at Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Oberhausen, Germany, April 1997.

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The Care and Feeding of Users.
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Indexes Are Out, Models Are In.
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