Dream Machine

Stefan Agamanolis, Freedom Baird, Barbara Barry, Brian Bradley, Joe Paradiso, Arjan Schutte, Flavia Sparacino

Glorianna Davenport
Research Supervisor

The Dream Machine is a highly distributed, interactive narrative designed to engage a large, widely dispersed society of audience. It uses the techniques of cinema, theater, and architectural space design to improvisationally craft a playful, lyrical, emergent story experience in close collaboration with its society of co-actors.

The Dream Machine's presence simultaneously spans several venues in both the real and the story world: it is accessible through the correlated, distributed environments of the World Wide Web, live-performance Public Spaces, and pager networks.

Dream Machine: CINEMAT component has travelled to:

Rotterdam International Film Festival

Espacio '98

The Dream Machine project draws heavily on Java for its Web implementation. The live site uses a variety of sensors as well our internally developed video processing mechanism. Motorola has supplied the two-way pagers.

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