VideoStreamer and CollageSpace

Eddie Elliott
Principal Researcher

Glorianna Davenport
Research Supervisor

A controller with buttons or mouse-and-keyboard is cumbersome and does not respond fast enough to the will of the user. The video streamer provides the user with a beautiful, highly intuitive, easy- to-use interface to access a continuous stream of video.

Video streaming into the controller leaves a visual trail, the "edge of time." The "edge of time" provides the user with perceptual cues about where she is in the stream. The anamorphic lens invites the user to compare frames. The forward playout of sound chunks even when the user searches backward in the frame provides rapid audio cues. Users can select portions of the video stream and transport it to another application, where it becomes a QuickTime movie. This is a "tool to think with," implemented on a Macintosh Quadra (research version).

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