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MIT in Pocket (2002)

MIT in Pocket is designed to be experienced using the newest version of the M-Views technology. It features over fifty story events that take place across the MIT campus. The story involves multiple plotlines that are divided into the short scenes which users collect. The contextual cues include location and time of day (e.g., if someone is in the main lobby at 10am, they will be sent a clip of a student rushing to their morning class in the nearby lecture hall). This story web is based on both fictional and non-fictional components. The characters are a variety of MIT students, professors, tourists and MIT staff members who interact with each other over the course of a single day.

The current scenes take place over a recent day at MIT, but our team is expanding the story with past and future events. This will incorporate archival and filmed footage to interweave fiction with elements of historical and documentary filmmaking.

Eventually, all users will be able to experience and enjoy stories created by the MIT community. They will participate as audience members and, later on, we hope that they will participate as story designers as well. They will accomplish this either by forming production teams that work with us in creating new story webs, or by downloading the M-Views software package, which will allow them to load their own video clips and scripts into the system.

Leading Characters:

Anthony (Chris Toepel 00) is junior who is studying Aero/Astro Engineering. He likes to take a daily jog every morning around campus. where he constantly runs into tourists asking for directions. He doesn’t mind, though, because he also works as a tour guide during his free time. He is single and his friend Claudia is constantly trying to set him up with her friend, Betty.

Betty (Debora Lui 03) is a shy Architecture student who is obsessed with the new buildings around campus. Her big project is due soon, but she can never seem to find a place where she can work on her project and sketch in peace. She likes to play piano in her spare time, but is very private about her music. In an attempt to loosen Betty up, her good friend Claudia sets up her on a blind date.

Claudia (Lilly Kam 04) is an energetic student who is always in a hurry. Although she is late to her big physics test and has a paper due, she still manages to find time to set up her two good friends, Anthony and Betty, on a blind date. She has other things on her mind as well, such as the mysterious email she received from a student claiming to have found her father's class ring.

Damien (David Crow 03) is a UROP student at MIT's Media Lab. He is continually busy with either his school or urop work, but he'd rather be thinking of other things, like his music. He just bombed a big physics test and is very stressed out. To relax, he goes to the student center to play guitar with some friends. He has other business too; sometimes he submits anonymous editorials to the school newspaper.

Fred (Dan Katz 03) or Franz, as he likes to be called, is always up to something. Either he's carousing with construction workers in the early morning, running around in a suit with his friend Roger, or going to the Tech to hand in his weekly editorial. When he ends up finding an old class ring under strange circumstances, he begins a hunt to find its owner. He finally thinks he's found her, or has he?

Roger (Tim Sutherland 04) is a totally unpredictable MIT student. Whether he's working on something with his friend Franz or randomly zephyring people on Athena, no one can ever tell what he is going to do next. He has a wicked sense of humor and can always find something to laugh about.

Ethan (Dan Bersak 03) is usually busy snapping pictures for the Tech. When he's not in the field, you can almost always find him at the Tech office, where he is actively keeping secret the identity of one of the weekly editorial writers.

Harvey (Alan Brody F) is a tourist visiting MIT. He likes to examine everything thoroughly with his binoculars, as well as photograph the campus with all of his numerous cameras. He seems to have a particular interest in Frank Gehry's Stata Center and tends to sneak up on people.

Supporting Characters:

Gloria (Welkin Pope G) is a visiting Architecture student from Harvard who just wants to see the MIT Chapel.


Dean Mitchell (Bill Mitchell F) has a lot to say.


Ngotorious (Dave Ngo 02) doesn't let anyone get in his way. Especially when he wants to play the guitar.


Surj (Surj Patel G) doesn't get much sleep.


Zedrick (Jumaane Jeffries 02) just wants some respect. And a ticket to the movie.


Olivia (Rachel Kline 01) is somewhat interested in Smoots.

Pengkai (Pengkai Pan G) wants to know what Damien is doing.


Sayre (Sayre Neufield C) is curious about the ring.

Mike (Mike Razo 03) plays a mean bongo drum.

Yao (BaoYi Chang 02) and Zedrick have long conversations with each other.

Imani (Imani Ivery S) works at the Alumni Office. When Fred comes in with the ring, she knows exactly what to do.

Chris (Chris Avrich 00) is the hardline editor of the newspaper. He won't let Fred get away with anything.

Olga (Olga S) wants to clean the Eastman Statue.

Liz (Elizabeth Jochum S) wants to know about I.M. Pei.


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