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Another Alice


Another Alice (2001)

Research Supervisor: Glorianna Davenport
Pengkai Pan
Research Team:
David Crow, Isaac Rosmarin, Steven Chan
Production Crew:
Christina Chen, David Crow, Daniel Mcanulty, Isaac Rosmarin

Another Alice is a mystery in which the viewer is the investigator. There are a number of characters that can be followed throughout the story. The viewer must literally go to the location where the next clip takes place in order to trigger playback. Since each character is telling the story from his/her perspective, each narration is different. The viewer can go back and play the story again, following a different character until the entire plot is revealed. Time is also a limiting factor. The viewer must get from one location to another within a certain time frame in order to catch a particular ending of the story. If the viewer does not make it to the location in time, a different ending is shown. Therefore, while the creator initiates the story, it is the viewer who completes it through his/her actions.

Lessons learned from this production include the impact of text and props. Because the video clip and the dialogue are the only things to which the viewer has access, every word and action becomes important. There must be enough detail to create a rich story. Each phrase, movement and object must contain something that reveals more about the characters or subtly instructs the viewer to proceed in the right direction.

[Figure 1] Screen Shots from Another Alice

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